Hello world!

Hello World! I like that.  Although, I suppose it may be a bit frightening to know that what you have written is going out into the world. Out there for all sitting at their computers or mobile devices to read, take in, judge, like, dislike and so on.  This is a time and age that we all have something to say. We did before, and just didn’t have such a platform to do it on.  I have been told by some that I should write. I have completed a couple articles and I write notes on the studio’s Facebook page, post pictures of healthy food and recipes that I have made, but I have never written a “blog” before.  So welcome to my First One! One of many more to come of course { wink }.

Before I get into the juicy healing tips, stories and all the greatness that I wish to share with you; allow for me to introduce myself;  I am Maa Moksha Anand, {aka, Michelle Joyce}. Maa Moksha is my spiritual name, given to me on my spiritual birthday August 22, 2014 by my Guruji Dr. Om Anand of Paramanand Ashram. Guruji blessed me with this name, it is the name that represents my True Self, my True Being.


If you were wondering, Maa Moksha is…  maa means “mother” and moksha is “liberation“.  When Guruji gave me this name it all came together for me. Everything I have done up to that moment made total sense.  I understood my purpose.  I knew it before, I had known all along, as a counsellor, as a yoga & qigong instructor and now a yoga therapist,  I have the desire to help guide people to end their suffering. To help people find peace and love within themselves. I am here to help those find their liberation. That is my service.  Moksha means the liberation from suffering. To find your true Self & self-realization and end the life/death cycle. Liberation too can be in this life.  One may find their liberation in this life and embrace their journey towards freedom within, self love and true acceptance.

This is a journey of self exploration and awareness of what IS.   I offer ” Healing Journey Session’s” using  Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and Natural Nutrition. These Healing Journey Session’s are done in a private space, a protected and held space for healing and self discovery.  I offer services in a private studio space at Organic Lifestyles in Alliston, ON and at Divinity Studio. As well, for your convenience Healing Journey Session’s may be offered In-Your-Home and via Online Coaching.

Getting back to the purpose of the blog. This is a space for me to share with you the reader healing tips with therapeutic yoga techniques, Ayurveda lifestyle information and practical uses, holistic nutrition… primarily plant-based-nutrition fact’s, helpful hint’s and recipe’s. It is a platform for me to connect with you. A space to open conversations, share ideas and interest.

A little background. On September 30th, 2015 I will be closing Divinity Studio Yoga & Health Qigong, (a yoga members studio in Alliston).   I have been called to do my souls work.  As difficult of a decision this was to make, it was what my inner guidance was guiding me to do for a while. I am letting go of the studio, to allow space to do what my heart truly desires.  My souls work is to work with people in an individual manner. Providing one-on-one Healing Journey Session’s as I had previously mentioned. I will continue to provide events and small specialized groups and workshops over the course of the year(s); however I truly love working and building relationship’s with my student’s on an individual basis.  Therefore, the blog will be my way to stay connected to the greater community and those on social media, the studio’s students and new students and clients.

Writing the blog will be pretty exciting. I am interested to see how it develops. The main purpose is to share and educate and hopefully reach out and help a few people along the way.

I hope you enjoyed the first post and my little intro. I will be posting another blog to follow along soon. If you have any question’s please feel free to write and if there are topics of interest I would be happy to hear from you.  As well, If you wish to see my bio, you are more than welcome to check out the Divinity Studio Website.

From my heart to yours…

Many Blessing’s and Namasté

Maa Moksha Anand



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